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We offer Farm fresh brown, green, cream, blue and white eggs from our beautiful and Happy Hen flock. The Happy Hens are a colorful collection of chickens and ducks that have been lovingly hand raised and show unique personalities. Our eggs are collected daily which promises maximum freshness and shelf life to our customers.
Our laying flock enjoys a stress free lifestyle...fed on a wholesome grain based diet with daily greens...and free range all summer long on our acreage and organic gardens. No food additives or medication are ever used. All the Happy Hens are housed at night to protect their security. This time is spent in large, well ventilated buildings with deep straw and shavings to play in and clean nest boxes.

Our large Rouen ducks have lots of space, grain based rations and clean water at all times. They have access to the great outdoors, love playing with water that we supply them to swim in, sunbathing and following each other as ducks do! Hatching eggs and ducklings available again for spring 2014. Thank you for a wonderful 2013 season....we will gladly serve our customers again and look forward to new friends....wonderful people are everywhere! Spread the word...

Please note that duck eggs are larger and equal 2 large chicken eggs. Information on the web claim that Duck eggs are to be allergy-free so people sensitive to chicken eggs are known to go ducky instead! (Always check with your doctor first-Duck eggs are less acidic and so easier on the tummy for some,but remember they are bigger!) Our duck eggs do not taste wild or fishy since they are not permitted access to the waterways nearby...most customers do not notice any difference in taste between these and chicken eggs....and often prefer these larger eggs for omlets, baking and pastries because of the fluffy whites. Duck egg whites are more gelatinous than chicken eggs, this is normal. They require longer boiling time than chicken eggs because of their size. Hard boil duck eggs for 13 minutes. 

We clean ALL NEST EGGS with an organic egg cleaner upon collecting them.

The Nest Egg now sells a variety of durable trough/hopper style wall feeders made here in our home shop by Dean. There are 6 sizes available for any flock of birds you raise. He has 20 years of experience in plastics and in 2008 decided to supply other hobbyists with custom quality items to help manage and care for their birds! I knew what people needed to make their chores eaiser by feeding more efficiently which keeps your birds healthier. We offer quality ABS plastic droppings trays made to measure and quail housing units as well. We build and sell nestboxes, nest liners and anything else one needs to care for birds. 2014 brings a fantastic new show cage/carrier unit that will knock your socks off! I will announce the prototypes very soon! This years goal is to hit the market  better by placing ads in our favorite farming magazines. A new CNC machine is on our wishlist to lessen hours spent in the shop. You all are helping bring us closer to reaching more people who need better durable accessories for their flocks...our products last years...I am not streching the truth...these are durable AND can save you MONEY!

Its a pleasure sharing our passion for 'Natural and Tasty' Eggs n More with you, Thanks for stopping by and we hope to talk with you soon! Please Don't forget to visit my PHOTOS and STORE!

Love Quackers n Cluckers! and YES Gobblers!

Tara and Dean


The Nest Egg

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